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Once you bend your sunbathing and consumption, we invite you to travel further and further around, where you can discover interesting places or try something new. We have collected some of these attractions for you below, stating that this is only the tip of the iceberg:


The Sea Fisheries Museum in Niechorze was established on the initiative of the local population. Includes permanent and temporary exhibitions. An open-air exhibition of old fishing boats is an integral part of the museum

Multimedia Museum on the Cliff With the help of modern technologies, the history of the Ruins of the Church in Trzęsacz, the significance of the 15th meridian, on which lies Trzęsacz, the mysterious legend of Zielenica, and is shown how over the centuries there was a fight between a man and an element


Miniature Lighthouse Park on the territory of which visitors have the opportunity to see all the lanterns from the Polish coast in the 1:10 scale. Information about guided tours, as well as descriptions of the past objects, will familiarize visitors with their historical values

Miniature and Railroads in Dziwnów in a picturesque, green park full of miniatures of lighthouses from the Polish coast in 1:10 scale and amazing replicas of locomotives, steam locomotives and railway wagons as well as the Park Railway


The Liwia Łuża Reserve was established in 1959, and its 220 hectare area coincides with the shoreline of the Liwia Łuża lake in Niechorze. It is located in the protected areas of Natura 2000. Currently, the conservation objective is the overall preservation of the lake's ecosystem and the habitats of rare plant species.


Narrow Gauge Railway is the pride of the entire Rewal Coast. The modernized railway line runs on 2 routes, on the section between Gryfice and Pogorzelica, and crosses three communes of the Gryficki Poviat: Gryfice, Karnice and Rewal. The total length of this route is 39.5 km. Wagons are completely


Aqua Park Sandra SPA is the largest water center in Pomerania with many unprecedented attractions: a water games court, an exciting slide with a trapdoor, or a water jungle for children. An interesting feature is also a unique water obstacle course and a water playground with a sunken ship. Guests of the Laguna Pension have special discounts.


Dinosaur Park is a place of active rest, where acquiring knowledge about prehistoric times is combined with many attractions and entertainment in the fresh air. There is an educational path, a museum, an amusement park (two rope parks, a pirate track railway, a land of inflatables, a playground, quads, bungee jumping, Paint Ball shooting range: 5 shots) and a souvenir shop and a restaurant. A visit to the Park guarantees a thrilling and at the same time safe fun in the place of family entertainment. The park develops from year to year, providing visitors with new, diverse attractions.


The Whale Park in Rewal is a entertainment complex for both large and small. At every step, dangerous sharks, giant whales, sinister squid, or other monsters from the depths are waiting for visitors. Each animal is presented in its original size. There are four thematic lands awaiting you, as well as a relax zone with hammocks and sun loungers, Tavern Tavern and Pirate Ship and Treasure Island


The Lighthouse in Niechorze, is called one of the most beautiful on the Polish coast. The 45-meter red brick building, built on a high cliff, towers proudly over the surrounding area. At an altitude of 35.7 m, an observation deck is located, from which there is a view of the surrounding area within a few kilometers

Pogorzelica lake

The lake with an area of 70 ha located in Pogorzelica is a habitat of water and marsh birds. The lake belongs to the protected areas of the Natura 2000 program (special protection area of the Wybrzeże Trzebiatowskie birds) and to the special protection area of the Nadmorski Belt.

The lake is a fantastic area for quiet walks, bike rides and fishing. The Czahary and Camping Czahary stable is located by the lake. There is peace and quiet here, allowing you to separate yourself from the everyday hustle and bustle and close contact with nature.


Near Pogorzelica lies Kołobrzeg (40 km) with its numerous attractions, which include, among others, the Sea Port, the Pier in Kołobrzeg, the Lighthouse and the Museum of Polish Arms.

Closer (10 km) lies Trzebiatów with the beautiful Town Hall, the medieval church of the Holy Virgin. Motherhood of the Virgin Mary (XIV century) and the Gunpowder Tower (Baszta Kaszana) and related event - annual Penalty Festival

20 kilometers separates us from Dziwnów where there is a drawbridge, fishing port and windsurfing school.

In Kamień Pomorski, an interesting and worth visiting place is the yacht marina

It's also worth visiting Gryfice, Mrzeżyno and Międzyzdroje, but Pogorzelica is the coolest place ;-)


The Butterfly House under Lighthouse of Niechorze is a place where hundreds of colorful, exotic butterflies will surround you. You can observe their habits, learn about the meaning of patterns on the wings, learn how they see the world and what they eat. Or you can just enjoy their closeness


Two sports complexes in Niechorze and Rewal operate in the immediate area. Due to the location, we especially recommend Niechorze. In addition to football, basketball or volleyball pitches - including beach volleyball - there is also a skatepark (30x29m - bank, ramp, quarter pipe, grindbox, railing), tennis courts, athletics tracks and a gym in the sports hall