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Sunbathing is not everything

Pogorzelica and actually the entire Rewal coast has an extensive sports and tourist base, besides long, wide and sandy beaches, which is a perfect complement to the beach offer. In other parts of our website we have brought you closer to cycling, horse riding, swimming pool attractions or regarding the wealth of monuments. At this point we would like to interest you in the possibilities of sport in our community.

There are sports complexes in Niechorze, Rewal and Pobierowo, which includes:

Soccer field (natural grass) with dimensions 105 x 68 m, lit stands for 1000 people

Football field (artificial turf Profoot Final M 60) with dim. 95 x 60 m, illuminated

4 tennis courts - synthetic surface (Wimbledon 20), illuminated

2 multifunctional fields (basketball, volleyball) with dimensions 28 x 15 m - tartan

Athletics track with a length of 360 m, tartan surface, 2 tracks, illuminated

Beach volleyball court

Skatepark with dimensions 30 x 29 m: Bench, Ramp, Quarte-Pike, Grindbox, Railings

They are also available

Sports hall in Śląska 4 street - parquet with dimensions 36 x 18 m, with a fitness room

multifunctional playground (basketball, volleyball) in the Środkowa street - tartan track with dimensions 28 x 15 m

Volleyball, football and handball fields - the area near lighthouse

Price list for use of sports facilities

There are also trails for skaters (along the narrow gauge railway - excellent rattan surface) in the area of ​​Pogorzelica and Niechorze.

For the brave, is worth Revolta rope park

to see and try out. In addition to the bike rental system, there is a Nordic walking stick rental system.

In this case, there are an infinite number of possible routes. For example, a 5,250m red route or 3,650m blue route.

The beginning of these routes is instructed in Pogorzelica (near the lake) and marked with vertical signs on the trees,

Rest areas equipped with information boards about the beginning and end of the route or their level of difficulty, warm-up exercises and approximate time of their defeat.

In Pustków regular beach ball tournaments are held, otherwise in Pogorzelica tennis tournaments. You can also take a canoe trip from Trzebiatów directly to the sea.

Therefore, there is no time or place for boredom, even if it is dog weather.

  • kompleks boisk niechorze
    kompleks boisk niechorze
  • kompleks boisk niechorze
    kompleks boisk niechorze
  • skatepark niechorze
    skatepark niechorze
  • skate park niechorze
    skate park niechorze
  • hala sportowa niechorze
    hala sportowa niechorze
  • ścieżka rowerowa pogorzelica
    ścieżka rowerowa pogorzelica
  • nordic walking
    nordic walking
  • nordic walking
    nordic walking
  • park linowy Revolta
    park linowy Revolta
  • park linowy Rewolta
    park linowy Rewolta
  • siatkówka plażowa
    siatkówka plażowa
  • spływ kajakowy
    spływ kajakowy